Philodendron White Princess

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The Philodendron White Princess is not a fast grower. To create the best environment for them to grow, you must provide high humidity, good light levels with temperatures between 18-23 degrees Celsius.

Because of its variegation, this Philodendron requires lots of of indirect light to maintain it. If you see browning on the white parts of the leaves – this means it needs more light. Lower light amounts may hurt the variegation and result in the plant dying.

Water only once the topsoil is dry but don’t let the plant suffer from a long dry period.

Tropical plants need humidity to survive. A humidity of 60%-80% is needed for most Philodendrons. Consider using a cabinet with an air humidifier.

Adjust the nutrients to your growing environment and plant growth cycles.

Moisture level
Keep the soil moisture level around 4 in between watering. We recommend using a moisture meter for measuring.

18 – 23 °C

Decorative pot not included, sold separately.

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